Friday, 30 December 2011


1 Day counting down to the new year and 6 days counting down to our big day. Thank you for a good 5 days of intensive meeting to end the year 2011 with a blast. To our teammates in Phnom Pehn, have a wonderful celebration and a good start for the New Year.

A short interview with most of the team mates revealed a surprising discovery. When asked, almost all of them shared only one New Year resolution..  "For the company to be successful in the new year and for them all to prosper well with the company". This value in any employees is hard to instil in most workforce but loyalty is a prominent attribute in Khmer's character.

Naturally, anything wont be complete without a camwhoring session.

Steven Path, the Founder and Chief Executive Office of Angkor One Dot Com and me with 18 out of the 30 team-member.


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