Thursday, 12 July 2012


The Battle of Platoon has been ongoing as early as 6:30am after a huge gathering since 530am at the Akademi Pengajian Islam's football field, University Malaya. The war between 4 battalions saw a neck to neck fight between the Spartans, the Legends and Highlander while the young Avengers was catching up fast. The mission codenamed: Blackhawk Down began only with a rescue mission to save our intel from being captured by the enemy but it went sour when more soldiers were held captive and tortured to reveal the longest kept secret who is the STALLion. Everyone endured the torture and when the white knights whom were the torturer were busy meeting and discussing, the soldiers escaped by crawling through the killing field for hours days. When they eventually found some rifles, they ran with the rifles to safety and just as they all thought they are safe and had escaped the scary white knights.... they discovered, they were still a few of them that was still held captive!! This is the finale.. the last mission was codenamed: "The Prison Break!!".. and of course, I was Micheal Scofield.

They sit and pondered!

They provoke each other for stronger spirit!!

They stripped!! Err.. I dont know why!!

They called for emergency meeting!! Discuss & Discuss..!! plan... 
for the biggest Prison Break!!

and so were the white knights!! briefing and meeting!!! The whites were entrusted to punish only!! All instructions and informations were communicated only to the Captain. The Captain was entrusted to convey all rules & regulations to their team members.

and they were ready!!!

The soonest as it start, everyone Cabutt!!! eh.... Lari!!!!

They ran to break into the prison!!!


They ran endlessly...

and when they managed to break into prison, they rescue one prisoner!! Each lap of running, the runners are allowed to rescue one team member but only via the form below:

The prisoners waiting to be picked-up!! 

One prisoner every one lap!!
Only ONE!!

After rescuing one, they had to run another lap!!!

The team that managed to rescue all their team member the fastest will win!!

It was so suspend!! The spirit was high.. everyone was singing their war cry!! It was heartfelt to see the spirit of comradeship among every team member!! They were so motivating, so inspiring!!

The Spartans completed their Prison Break!!!

Others were still rescuing their comrade!!

and the winner goes to........

 Guess who were the winner??

Err.. Stay Tuned for Part 4- 2012 COBC CHAMPION!!!

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