Friday, 21 September 2012


LAST DAY TO REGISTER FOR ONLY RM199 per month!! End the year 2012 with a brand new you!!


PRICE: RM199 per month (RM100 savings from the usual RM299)

PERIOD: either OCTOBER or NOVEMBER or DECEMBER or any two months or all.

PRODUCT: All 12 Sessions a month (at your location) + Buffet Bootcamp (train as much as you want at any other platoons)

PHILISOPY: Ordinary people getting extraordinary result. Result Guarantee or Money Back

PLACE: All Platoons
(For details on which location and time, click HERE). What is the Chief Original Bootcamp? Click HERE.

What is the catch?

There is no catch.. You can choose to pay for the three months now for only RM597 or just for one month (any one of the 3 months) at RM199 or RM398 for any 2 months!! But this will be the only Super Discount until next year. If you missed this deadline.. then you would have missed a huge savings.

There is no price tag for a better health and sexy physique BUT there is a maximum limit of ONLY 40 recruits (on this promotion) per platoon and its on first registration & pay, first serve basis.

Is this applicable for new recruits too?

It is open to all past, present and future (that means new) recruits.

For more information, drop us a note at this blog. Please do not email me as the inbox is already with a few thousand emails not-replied. We are a small business that is run only by the passion of the owners, their spouses and siblings.



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