Friday, 1 November 2013


Get all dress up in Zombie, Frankenstein, Pontianak, Dracula, Toyol or whichever hantu of your choice and workout in err... hantu-style!! "Free Gifts" will be awarded to the platoon with the most and best dressed hantu at the Anniversary party.

Be in a mask, face-paint, wig, head gear, arms, legs all can change but must be in Grey Tee. This is an unprecedented training theme to excite and add some spice to an already hot workout program.

 This theme is in conjunction with the theme of the Chief's Original Bootcamp 3rd year anniversary party on 10th November 2013.

The owners and admins of the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia has scheduled Monday, 4th November and 5th November (depending on location) as a Halloween workout!! 

Whether you are a trainer or recruit, be ready for a frightening session!! Be daring!!!


(NOTE on COBC Anniversary party, please rsvp quick- place is limited, COBC Anniversary T' shirt is on first come first serve basis)

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