Thursday, 26 August 2010


Its day 4 at the HELL WEEK, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP. There were no water-workout on Day 4 but an army Seal sort-of-in battle mode program. Each Hell-Weeker had to carry 15kg backpack, mock rifle, 5x 20kg jerry can, a stretcher and a 50kg dummy.

Then a fire & movement on sand with rifle for 200 meter..

These are snapshots of Day 4 at the Hell Week. Picture compliment from Gunny EM, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Director of Operations. 

Survived Day 4.... Yahooo...

Err I mean... HOOOYAH!!!

4 days down.... 2 more days to go!!!  You can do this Sarge Dann... All of us at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA are with you...

See also: HELL WEEK DAY 1 & 2DAY 3DAY 4DAY 5.

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